Connect to QuickBooks

When you register for iCompleatInvoice a test company is created for you, this does not connect to a finance system.

It is designed to help you to get comfortable with processing invoices and managing your users and workflows (approvals).

TIP: Your test company remains available for testing and training when you set up your live company.

When you feel ready to connect iCompleat to your QuickBooks account, you first need to add a live company. Follow the steps below:

Add a Live Company

1. From the homepage, select 'Configuration'.

2. Select the 'Company management' option.

3. Click or tap the Add a new company option.

4. Enter the name of the live company.

NOTE: When you are typing in your company name, iCompleat automatically generates an iCompleatInvoice email address to enable you to receive invoices.

5. Click Begin to create your live company.

NOTE: This will create your first live company. Once created, you will be taken to your live company, where you can configure it, and connect it to your finance system.

Your test company will still be available for testing and training purposes.

6. Your live company has been created.

Connect to QuickBooks

The next step is to connect to QuickBooks. Follow the steps below:

1. Click 'Connect'.

2. Select the QuickBooks option.

3. Click 'Connect to QuickBooks'.

4. Click 'Connect'.

5. Select your connector from the drop-down list of options and click 'Search'.

6. Available companies are listed in the drop-down list, select the one you wish to connect and click 'Connect'.

7. Select how you would like invoices to appear as a bill, or expense in QuickBooks from the drop-down list of options.

8. Click 'Save'.

9. (Optional) select which features you use in QuickBooks and click 'Save'.

10. You are now connected to QuickBooks.

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