Connect to Sage 50

Once you have created your live company, the next step is to connect iCompleatInvoice to your finance system. As part of the connection process you need to: Download a connector, install the connector, and configure the connector.

TIP: Think of a connector as a software application, installed on your local network, and configured to manage and secure all information passed between your finance system and iCompleatInvoice.

IMPORTANT: All communication passed between iCompleatInvoice, and your finance system is secure and encrypted.


The Sage Connector must match your Sage Accounts version. You access the accounts version information by running the Sage 200 System Administration tool. Here is an example of different versions:

  • Sage 50 (2017) – has a version number such v23
  • Sage 200 (2017) Winter edition – has a version number such as 12.00.0007

Click here to find out which Sage connector to use.

The following steps show you how.

Step 1

From the homepage, select 'Configuration'.

Step 2

Select the 'Company management' option.

Step 3

Select the 'Connection' option.

Step 4

Select the 'Configure' option next to 'Configure new connector'.

Step 5

Select 'Sage 50' from the available options.

Step 6

Select which version of Sage 50 you are using from the list of options.

IMPORTANT: Make a note of your unique four digit number, you will need this in a later step.

Step 7

Click 'Download'.

Step 8

Open the downloaded connector from the bottom of your browser. This launches set-up wizard.

Step 9

Click 'Next'.

Step 10

Use the default installation folder, or specify a different one. Click 'Next'.

Step 11

Click 'Next' to confirm and start the installation.

Step 12

Installation is complete. Click 'Close'.

Step 13

The connector is linked to your company. Click 'Next'.

Step 14

Enter your email address into the box below (this is the email address you use to log into iCompleat). Then enter your unique four digit pin number (provided by iCompleat) into the four boxes below.

Step 15

Click 'Connect to iCompleat'.

Step 16

A message appears with confirmation that your details have been verified.

Step 17

Click 'Next'.

Step 18

To successfully connect to Sage 50, the Sage SDO components need to be installed on this machine.

TIP: The Sage SDO (Sage Data Objects) components allow iCompleatInvoice to communicate with your Sage 50 Accounts database.

IMPORTANT: Without the SDO components installed you cannot retrieve from, or post information to Sage 50.

Click 'Next'.

Step 19

Enter the root location of your Sage 50 data (this appears by default), then click 'Find companies'.

Check the companies you wish to connect to your iCompleat account.

IMPORTANT: Any companies that are left unchecked, will not be connected to iCompleat.

Step 20

Click 'Next'.

Step 21

Enter the user name and password for a user in Sage, to access the data for your companies.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that you use a unique user account set up in Sage, specifically for iCompleat, as opposed to a user account that any of your users log in with.

This is recommended because users cannot be logged into both systems concurrently, i.e. if a user is logged into Sage, and logged into iCompleat at the same time, when iCompleat attempts to post, cache, or perform a unique supplier reference check, the system will fail as it will be unable to log in.

After entering your Sage credentials, click 'Test connection to finance system'.

Step 22

A message appears confirming the connection test passed.

NOTE: If you do not see this message, check you entered your user name and password correctly and try again.

Step 23

Click 'Next'.

Step 24

  • The iCompleat connector can do additional work out of normal, business hours to optimise how it operates with your Sage system.
  • We recommend that you set this to a time window which is through the night, when activity is low and colleagues are not using Sage.

Configure the time window here to control when Sage will perform it's data optimisation.

Click 'Next'.

Step 25

The connector service must be running in order for integration with iCompleat and Sage to work.

If the service is not running (indicated below), you can restart it by clicking 'Start'.

Step 26

You will now see the message 'Running' next to Connector service status.

Step 27

To implement your connector, navigate to the 'Connection' section and select 'Configure' next to 'Use existing connector'.

Step 28

From the drop-down list, select the Sage 50 connector.

Step 29

Click 'Search'.

Step 30

Select the relevant company from the drop-down list and click 'Connect'.

Step 31

iCompleat is now collecting some information from your finance system.

Step 32

You now have the option to select which features you use in Sage 50. When you are happy with your choices, click 'Save'.

Step 33

You are now fully connected and this page provides you with all the connector information, and connector configuration options.

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