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Invoice download

When you are using a universal connection, instead of automatically posting to your finance system, we offer the facility for you to download all approved transactions so you can upload them into your finance system.


  • This facility is only available to you if you are using a universal connection.
  • The user wishing to download approved invoices, must have the permission enabled in their user settings. To enable this, follow the steps below:

To download your approved invoices, follow the steps below.

1. From the homepage, navigate to the 'Invoice download' tile.

The Invoice downloads page opens.

You will see a message telling you how many invoices are available to download.

2. Enter a description for your new batch of invoices.

3. Click or tap 'Create new batch'.

Your new invoice batch is created. This batch includes all approved invoices since the last time you performed an invoice download.

If this is your first time downloading your invoices, then this batch will include all approved invoices from the start.

4. Click 'Yes' to download your batch now.

5. Open your downloaded batch from the bottom of your browser.

You can come back to this page at any time and download the transactions again, simply by clicking 'Download' to the right of the invoice batch.

6. Your batch opens in Excel.

You can now upload this information into your finance system.


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